ChristenUnie Hilversum: faith in society

The Dutch municipal elections of 2018 were held on 21 March. The political party ChristenUnie won 2 seats (out of 37). Now the elections have passed we are committed to work together to make Hilversum a place for people to prosper.

We believe in a society where everyone is valuable

ChristenUnie is a political party with currently two seats in the city council of Hilversum. We are a group of Christians from different backgrounds and churches, trying to do good for all people in our city and for our environment. May we have your vote on March 21?

What drives us?

God created this earth with everything and everybody on it and He is still taking care of it. As his followers we also want to take care of His creation. Gods loves the people he created, and he even gave his only Son to save us. From this love from God for us, we want to be lovingly committed to the people in Hilversum.

Our dream

We have a dream for Hilversum. As ChristenUnie Hilversum we have faith in a society:

  • where everyone counts and feels safe and secure;
  • with a future for our children;
  • and focused on a sustainable lifestyle.

Our mission

In the upcoming council period, 2018-2022, we will go for:

  • a safe Hilversum for everyone;
  • a considerate Hilversum;
  • a green and environmental friendly Hilversum.