Have faith in our community

It is vital to believe in our community, especially now in these uncertain times. Connecting people, working together to create a promising future for Hilversum. This is what we believe:

Being trustworthy

Hilversum must be reliable, supportive and work together as a whole:

  •  Hilversum will attemt to facilitate shorter access and greather accessibility.
  • Actively work together with our residents, companies, and social organisations based on clear agreements and mutual respect with each other.
  • Including our youth when making important decisions regarding their future.
  • Extra efforts will create a stable environment resulting in safer streets and neighbourhoods.

Looking out for each other

The municipality of Hilversum supports its residents and assists them to meet ones obligations to achieve adequate care and support: 

  • More available low-priced homes and make a law to ensure that only the owner occupies the house once bought.
  • Create more places for the young as well for the elderly to meet.
  • Clear and simple rules for social services will be made dependable on ones personal situation.
  • A safe way for prostitutes to leave their environment and start a new life, a safe place for victims of loverboys, pimps and human traffickers.

Taking care of the future

The council of Hilversum is responsible for our earth, finances and resources:

  • Clean and safe traffic: Hilversum will strive to become 'bicycle city' of the Netherlands in 2030.
  • Attainable and affordable energy transition: solar panels and isolation of homes will be prioritised. Prevent shortage of energy and assure the availability of access of energy.
  • Taking care of the environment includes stabilising the level of subsoil water, less concrete paving in gardens, more greenery.
  • Stimulating durable and social enterprises with practical and creative jobs.

In the coming years, we will meet these challenges with the greatest confidence. Vote for the ChristenUnie, so that you can help us to achieve these proposed goals.

The municipal elections are Wednesday, March 16, 2022